The time has come for something new. We are Liebesmädchen, the agency with real feelings.

Let’s be honest

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “unforgettable moments” promises. I think we should save our breath. I am a Liebesmädchen, that’s why I think that life is too short for the same old patterns. You and me, me and you. This is real, everything else is irrelevant. What I’m offering you is my loving and unfiltered personality.

For these two reasons Liebesmädchen is more than just escort service


Liebesmädchen don’t lie

Let’s not beat around the bush. I might not be the woman of your dreams, I’m not always in the best mood, and I don’t radiate confidence in every situation. I am a real human being, with feelings, nooks and corners. Of course I am going to be nervous when we meet. I think that’s how it should be, and that’s what I’ll show you, the real me. In exchange for that, all I expect is that you do the same.

Get to know me


Escort service isn’t what it used to be.

It could be said that escorting has remained stuck in time. The same identical photos, the never changing mesh. “I’ll bewitch you with unforgettable moments. I offer GV, AV, NS and as you can see, I also know all the letters of the alphabet.” Seriously? Colorless, plastic escorts bore us. We show the world our unfiltered personality and that’s what makes us unique

Are you coming?

Your favourite magazine

Escort Date

What exactly is an escort service?

Escort service or companion is very easy to explain: you book a date with me and then we meet.  It’s that simple. And yes, of course you pay for it, so you should use your time in the best possible way. What are you in the mood for? Tell me. Oh yes! If you don’t have any ideas, I’m sure I can help. I am after all a Liebesmaedchen.

What should I expect from our date?

First of all: ME, exactly the way I am. That’s what you want? Good! That’s how we have the most fun, absolutely unfiltered and personal.  I’m also trying to make the best of our date. And just in case the question won’t leave your mind: know that yes, we can absolutely get down to business. And why shouldn’t we? A date is a date.

Have you read enough? You and me, me and you! Book your escort date with me!

Where can we meet?

Or better yet, where can’t we? There is (almost) no limit. I’ll meet you for coffee or at a restaurant. We can party together, or relax somewhere. You can even invite me on a trip. Your hotel room or home are both ok, don’t be too shy to ask. I make no bones about what I want.

What do I have to pay particular attention to?

To me of course! The rest is not that important, with the exception of a few matters: Don’t ask for my private address or number, I’ll keep those to myself. And please, try to be nice, sometimes I’m a bit nervous. Personal hygiene is obviously very important. Just be the same way you want me to be. That’s the easiest thing.